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  • The equipment is to be installed on vehicle chassis with four axles. The configurations and performances are tied up to the type of chassis.
  • The equipment is composed by the following main groups :
  • 1 - SUB-FRAME
    Made of high tensile steel. It is fixed to the original frame of the chassis according to the specifications of the chassis manufacturer. On the sub-frame all the groups of the equipment are laid.
    Have the double function to secure the stability of the equipment during the recovery/rescue and react to the pulls of the winches using these as reaction rafters.
  • 3 - CRANE BOOM 
    Telescopic type with one extension . It is manufactured with high tensile profiles. At the end of the booms ( fix & telescopic) are applied two swivelling pulley blocks for the cables transmission of the two winches anchored on the fix boom. The inclination and the extension are obtained by means of double acting hydraulic jacks
  • 5 - WINCHES Applied on the fix boom of the crane, allows by means of suitable transmissions of the cable, the approach or lifting of the chassis to be recovered. These are 15 & 20 t winches. On the drum are applied a suitable cable pressing devices.
  • 6 - HYDRAULIC DEVICE It is fed by a hydraulic axial piston pump applied to the chassis PTO. A proportional distributor deviates the oil in pressure to various elements which move the equipment. On the various groups are fitted locking valves which assure the stability of the complex in case of accidental burst of some hoses. The hydraulic device is equipped with oil filters. A electro hydraulic discharge valve, every time a mushroom push bottom is operated for emergency stop, drains the main hydraulic feed, locking all the movements. Max pressure valves grants the safety and the minimum performances declared . Studied specifically to recover/rescue breakdown heavy trucks by means of a boom appropriately equipped and towing of the trucks, with axle lifted up, by a fork.
  • 7 - ELECTRIC DEVICE It assures the power to the main groups and is connected to the chassis batteries and protected by suitable fuses. The electric device allows to operate the equipment in a safety way. The system is integrated with a light bar, stop lights and working lights
  • 8 - CONTROLS The controls are located on the rear right part of the bodywork. The machine is operated by means of remote controls.This to assure the operator to have the maximum visibility during the rescue operations. While operating the unit, an intermittent buzzer advices the people near operating area to keep a safety distance. In case of emergency, the manoeuvres can be done by means of the levers of the hydraulic lever control station.
  • 9 - SIDE COMPARTMENTS FOR TOOLS Located on the sides of the chassis, allows to stow all the accessories foreseen. Suitable shelves rationalize their dislocation. The lock up is centralised type.

  • Remote control
  • N 4 couples (different measures ) of supports for fork
  • N 1 couple anchorage supports on the carriers
  • N 2 small fifth wheel for semi-trailers
  • N 2 couples of belts to fix tyres on the fork
  • Towing bar
  • Front ballast
  • Swinging floodlights
  • Operative hour counter
  • Light bar with revolving lights
  • Spare wheel carrier
  • Camera with loudspeaker and viewer inside the chassis cabin
  • Broom & shovel
  • 2 buckets with cover
  • hose winder for compressed air
  • Cable winder for electric lamp
  • Use & maintenance manual

  • 1 - 220V generator
  • 2 - Telescopic boom for white working lights
  • 3 - Telescopic boom for light bar
  • 4 - Circular chain saw ( fuel engine )
  • 5 - Bottle oxygen lance cutting with fittings
  • 6 - Water tank
  • 7 - Set of lifting shackles (10 pcs )
  • 8 - Set of lifting chains ( 5 pcs )
  • 9 - Set of lifting cables (10 pcs )
  • 10 - Set of flat polyester belts ( 6 pcs )
  • 11 - Set of round polyester belts (2 pcs )
  • 12 - Set of flat belts with tightening pulley (6 pcs)
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